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6 Tips for Your Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

The classic 90s tv show said it best: kids say the darndest things. And they DO the darndest things too. The unpredictability of kids is what makes them so exciting. And what makes for some really cute moments.

If you are very type-A, having a meltdown on the aisle may not be for you. So in this post, we’re exploring some tips to working with your favorite tiny humans on such a special day.

Tip #1: Adjust their schedule.

When you’re dealing with kiddos under 5, you will always run the risk of having a rogue agent. Between their need for naps and their constant hunger you never know what you’re going to get.

Adjusting their schedule around the ceremony time will help. If possible, doing so the day before as well will give you the best chance of them going down when you need them to.

You just need them at their prime for 5 minutes. Their parents will know them best! Help them out by giving them plenty of warning and even creating a space in the getting ready area for the kiddos to hang out/nap will keep them close (and happy).

Tip #2: Roll with the punches.

Cranky kids happen. Being able to not stress is key. Have someone close to help sooth sad kiddos. Tantrums, stage fright, miscommunication… all these things are bound to happen. Being able to laugh it off will save your sanity.

Trust me, the crowd will enjoy it and you won’t even be in there yet to notice. The kiddos will not take away from your big moment however it goes down.

Tip #3: Bribe them!

Having their favorite treat waiting for them at the end of the aisle can be a great incentive to get them there. Keep a lollipop or some gummies in your jacket pocket to give them once they’re at their seat.

It is not necessary to make these kiddos stand up at the front so let them sit with grandma or pop through the ceremony. If they belong to your immediate family assign a family friend, someone they know well and like, to take care of them so your VIPs can focus on you.

Tip #4: Mix up the ages of the paired kids.

If you KNOW your favorite kiddos are shy and won’t make it down the aisle, don’t force it. Its okay to play to their strengths. By pairing them up with an older friend/sibling you give them encouragement to make it down the aisle!

Tip #5: Feature them in other parts of the day.

If you have kiddos that are important to you, allow them moments to feel how loved they are. This can also create photos that have a lifelong impact on these special kiddos.

This is also a great way to spend time with kids that are not at an age that they can participate. Its fun to just feature them in photos!

Tip #6: Use older kiddos.

Sure the littlest ones are always crowd pleasers. But if you are type-A or high stress, featuring older kiddos in your life can ensure that they make it down the aisle well-composed. Older kiddos can often be overlooked and will feel so special knowing that they are important in your life.

In the end, you never quite know what you’re going to get. Even the most compliant kiddos can have an unexpected bad day. If you’re prepared to let the chips fall where they may, then you’re good to go. Enjoy the ride!

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