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Wedding Details Checklist

From the start of wedding planning you are asked to make decisions on everything from guest count to cake design. This wedding details checklist is designed to make sure even the smallest details are not overlooked. Yet these small details: the shape of your earrings, the invitation suite and more can make your wedding day come together.

At the start of your wedding day, I collect all of these details and feature them in flatlays. Firstly, this is the start of telling your wedding story in photos. These tips are designed to help you think about how all of your details play together. Ultimately to create a cohesive and gorgeous wedding.

This list and free download were written in a traditional bride + groom format to include all possible combinations of details. You are welcome to adjust the list as you see fit to you and your partners liking, this list is just a good place to start!

Invitations and Paper Goods

Invitations are a big part of your wedding story and deserve to be featured! They are the first experience your guests get of your wedding! And they make for a great detail shot with your date and names. These can really personalize your detail photos! You may also want to include any other small paper items used for your wedding such as programs, save the dates, etc. All these pieces help tie your whole wedding vision together.

I suggest including a full invitation suite (envelopes, rsvp card, menu card, etc) in an envelope that has not gone through the mail! You’ll want everything fresh and crisp to be photographed! And if you had calligraphy or any special addressing done on the envelopes, you’ll definitely want to include an addressed envelope. Ask your calligrapher to address an extra envelope to yourself that you can set aside to be photographed! If you don’t want to use your personal address, have them use the address of your wedding venue.

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Next, you probably put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect outfit for your big day. A great item to include is a personalized or just pretty hanger for your outfit! You want these photos to enhance the beauty of your outfit, not feature it on any old plastic hanger. Consider investing in a nice wooden hanger or you can get a cute personalized hanger with your new last name or monogram!

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Additionally, you’ve picked all the little details to go with your outfit. The shoes, veil, jewelry, belt, hairpiece, etc. So these are all things that you will want photographed! Getting a shot of all these elements together can be sentimental and mean a lot when you see your full gallery.

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You may have other little special items for your wedding day that don’t necessarily fall into any of the categories listed. This could be things like family heirlooms, a special handkerchief, your something blue/borrowed/old/new, garter, etc. I also suggest including a nice bottle of perfume to be photographed! All of these items help enhance the full story of your wedding day.

Groom’s details

We make sure men don’t get overlooked. Gathering all the items together allows me to style both sets cohesively. Consider having shoes, ties, watch, cuff-links, boutonniere, and cologne on hand. The photographer that is with a groom while they’re getting ready will ensure that there are photos of his jacket, shoes, etc as he’s putting them on.

All the rings

I cannot tell you how important this is!! Please make sure that the person gathering the details has all the rings (engagement rings and wedding bands). I will make sure they get to the right person once the detail photos are through. There aren’t too many opportunities to take these photos later so it is super important that all the rings get featured during detail photos.


In addition, please have your bouquet(s) and boutonniere(s) delivered to the space where you’re getting ready. This makes sure that we have the opportunity to feature these gorgeous florals in photos. This helps you make sure that you have them in time for your group photos. Your flowers help create dimension and texture in the detail photos.

*Bonus tip: ask your florist for any extra loose flowers and scraps that we can design and use to create plush, vibrant, amazing images. You can let them know that your photographer will share those images for social media which is a win-win.

Styling elements

Lastly, these are the items that can really help to take your detail photos to the next level! While I have an arsenal of styling mats, ring boxes and trays I cannot guarantee that they match your colors. A simple image of an invitation can really be elevated when a loose flower or a nice piece of ribbon is added! I always suggest that you think about gathering little items that are cohesive with your wedding theme to use! This can be things like ribbon, loose vintage stamps, a custom Mrs. ring box, etc.

I know this list can be a little overwhelming! Which is why I encourage you to start gathering these before the big day! Planning ahead and gathering these items over time ensures that they do not add any extra stress to your wedding.

Your sanity is also why I designed a free checklist to help you keep track of your tiniest details. I recommend that you buy a cute bag to keep everything in and check each item off as you put it in. You can then give me one bag when I arrive and I’ll distribute the items back when I’m all finished.

Download your free Details Checklist here!!

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