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Why Engagement Sessions Matter on Your Wedding Day

Engagement photos are on trend right now and most, if not all, wedding photographers will include them in their packages. And you might be wondering why.

The answer is simple: building a relationship with you.

Imagine this: you are celebrating the most important day of your life. A stranger walks in, pulls out a camera and starts trying to direct you to smile here, do this, kiss. WOAH buddy! Without a relationship with that person you will naturally put walls up, feel tense and it will show in your photos.

Engagement sessions help you get to know your photographer’s personality, how they work and how the experience will feel for you. We use engagement photos to make sure you’re comfortable before the big day so that everything runs smoothly.

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Since this relationship is already built when I walk into your wedding day it feels like greeting an old friend. We already have inside jokes, you know how I work and you’re comfortable to relax and enjoy every moment.

You will feel excited about your wedding day portraits! And you’ll already know how to pose. We use a lot of what happens at your engagement session for your wedding photography making for some really cool transitions.

Engagement photos are a time for you to step back and immerse yourself into the season that you’re in. You’re able to take that time to say “WOAH, I’M ENGAGED Y’ALL!” Likewise, you get to have photos that show the joy, love and excitement shared between you and your partner.

By having your engagement photos, you’re able to look at them often and remember what all this crazy planning is for. You might think its for your wedding. But it’s so much more… it’s a celebration of lifelong marriage!

Engagement sessions celebrate what makes your relationship unique. Take the time to think about who you are as a couple and bring it to life in photos. By bringing your most authentic selves to your session, I can get to know you deeply and make images that feel like YOU.

I can learn how you two behave and what you feel most natural doing. This also gives us a chance to discover which poses you like and which you LOVE. I can figure out how much PDA you’re comfortable with, what you find funny and how you two interact when the camera is not on you.

If you show up with walls or trying to be the most perfect version of yourself, you will bring those same anxieties into your wedding day. We want relaxed, joyful, natural images! And we can only do that if we’re fully being ourselves together.

Overall, your engagement session is the building block of our relationship. In fact, without your engagement photos we would never meet before your big day. And how strange would that be?!

So take this time to bask in the celebration. Love on your partner and get some really awesome photos out of it. It will make your wedding day much more enjoyable.

To sum it up, I highly encourage you to take advantage of your engagement session with whatever photographer you choose. They will have lots of ideas, tips and tricks to make your photos unique and special to you.

Hey, I’m Arielle

A Florida wedding photographer living in Gainesville that specializes in joyful, timeless wedding & family photography. And when I’m not photographing amazing couples and families, you can most likely find me on a roller-coaster, sipping Starbucks refreshers or binge-watching thriller shows on Netflix. My favorite days are spent with people like you!


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